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Thanks to our continuing education programs, our irrigation systems are efficient, long-lasting, and user-friendly.  You can rest assured you have made a wise investment in the value of your property.




Recycled Rainwater Irrigation Systems FAQ


What are the benefits to a rainwater recycling irrigation system?

  • Conserves drinking water for essential uses.
  • Municipal water contains ammonia, chlorine, and fluoride. Rainwater is naturally soft, oxygenated, and PH neutral, which produces healthier plant life.
  • Reduced water bills offset the cost of the system in the long term.
  • Freedom from watering restrictions to irrigate when you choose.
  • Protects lakes, rivers, and streams from pollution due to runoff.


I like the idea of collecting rainwater, but I don't like the looks of a rainbarrel...

Our collapsible tanks can be completely hidden when installed in crawlspaces or under decks.  Our underground cisterns are also completely hidden.  For above ground tank installations, we install our natural walls to screen the tank from view.


What types of storage tanks does Gulfstream offer?

  • 500-210,000 gallon collapsible tanks for crawlspaces and under decks,  as well as above ground storage.
  • 1,000-12,000+ gallon poly, concrete, or steel underground cisterns.
  • 100-1,800+ gallon above ground plastic or steel storage tanks.

Are collapsible tanks a proven technology?

Yes, collapsible tanks have provided critical tactical bulk petroleum storage for military operations for over 50 years. Beginning in the 1940's with the 900- to 3,000-gallon tanks, collapsible tanks have evolved into the primary tactical fuel storage vessels now used by all of the military services. They are also used to store potable drinking water for our troops.


How will I know what size tank I need?

We use our proprietary software to calculate the tank size, location, and shape (each collapsible tank is custom made to our blueprints)  We also stock the most efficient sprinkler heads and nozzles for rainwater harvesting irrigation.

Will the installation of the irrigation system leave my property a mess?

No, we pull our pipes in wherever possible to minimize disturbance to your yard. As seen below, after an installation we pressure wash the sidewalks and driveway with reclaimed water.

What happens to my system during a drought?

Our H2O Delivery Program keeps your tank stocked with reclaimed water.


How much does a rainwater recycling irrigation system cost?

Because every system is so different it is impossible to say without taking some measurements and site evaluations. As a general rule of thumb, the additional initial cost of a rainwater system vs. a city water irrigation system is offset over time in utility bill savings.

Does Gulfstream offer builder discounts?

Yes, we fully support builders thinking green.


Does Gulfstream install rainwater recycling irrigation systems for commercial buildings?



What is the first step to get the ball rolling?

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Dr. Sprinkler, our in-house repair division, provides repair services to:
  • All brands of irrigation systems including Rainbird, Nelson, Hunter, Orbit, and Toro.
  • Commercial, residential and sports turf systems.
  • Lake-drawn, well-drawn, recycled rainwater, or city water sourced systems